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Incorporate your business for profit and protection

Your incorporated business has more flexibility

If you have a small business, give us a call to talk about becoming a legal corporation. By turning your enterprise into a corporation, you gain a variety of legal and financial benefits. You can have your business incorporated in as little as 24 hours when you draw on our experience.


Liability protection — An incorporated small business is a distinct legal entity, so your personal assets are separate and protected from business lawsuits, bankruptcy, etc.


Taxation protection — Incorporating your business is financially advantageous for you because businesses and individuals are taxed differently.

Customers see that you are serious about your endeavor. The protections offered by incorporation make your business much more attractive to them.


Raising money — Investors see that they are investing in a business, not just giving money to an individual. You can also sell shares of your corporation, so your investors become part owners.


Selling the business — If you decide to sell your business, it is easier to evaluate the financial worth of a corporation when it is legally and financially distinct from its owner.

You can focus on your clients. We'll take care of the financial paperwork.

    • Incorporations in 24 hours

    • Bookkeeping

    • Tax filing

    • Software consultation

    • Service in all 50 states


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